mastiff (plural mastiffs)

  1. One of several large breeds of dog (such as bulldogs and Saint Bernards), often used as guard dogs
    • 1605: William Shakespeare, King Lear, Act III, Scene VI
      Avaunt, you curs! Be thy mouth or black or white, Tooth that poisons if it bite; Mastiff, greyhound, mongrel grim, Hound or spaniel, brach or him.

7 letters in word "mastiff": A F F I M S T.

No anagrams for mastiff found in this word list.

Words found within mastiff:

aff aft ai aim aims ais ait aits am ami amis as at fa fas fast fasti fat fats fiat fiats fist fit fits if iff ifs is ism it ita itas its ma maist mas mast mat mats mi miff miffs mis mist sai saim sam sat sati si sift sim sima sit sma smit st staff stiff ta tai tais tam tamis tams tas ti tiff tiffs tis

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